What is the AVP ASOP#3 Seal?

The AVP Seal is a designation that our firm developed and applies in our actuarial report opinions to indicate that our client’s actuarial results place them in the top tier of our database.

How do you qualify for the AVP ASOP#3 Seal?

The AVP Seal is awarded based on our internal peer review of your most recent actuarial study. The AVP Seal only applies to the actuarial report that was reviewed for basis of designation and it is not automatically renewed in future years. At the present time, only clients of AV Powell & Associates are eligible for the AVP Seal.

How long is an AVP ASOP#3 Seal active?

Since the AVP Seal is based on a specific actuarial report, it is valid for a period equal to the shorter of 12 months after the “as of date” for your actuarial study or your next actuarial study update. For that reason, we request that all references to the designation include the report as of date when the opinion was rendered.

Who is responsible for setting the AVP ASOP#3 Seal criteria?

The minimum values for the AVP Seal criteria are entirely based on rules that are developed by a group of our most senior consultants using our internal standards for best practices and benchmarks. These rules may change periodically, and it should be noted that even if the results for a specific CCRC meet the minimum AVP Seal quantitative values, if we perceive that the financial status is not stable or the underlying actuarial report assumptions are too aggressive, then the AVP Seal committee will not approve the designation.

How does the AVP ASOP#3 Seal handle refundable entry fees?

For those CCRCs with significant refundable entry fee contract provisions, the AVP Seal indicates that their refund liabilities are fully funded and in some cases this funding is 100% provided by relatively liquid assets such as cash or publically traded investments.

How many CCRCs are expected to receive the AVP ASOP#3 Seal annually?

As of May 2014, we have awarded nearly 20 AVP Seals since the first AVP Seal was awarded to a client in the 3rd quarter 2013. We expect the number of AVP Seals awarded to range between 50 to 100 in 2014, or less than half of our annual actuarial reports. Even though it’s likely that CCRC actuarial reports conducted by other firms may qualify for the AVP Seal, no information is available at this time in regard to how many such CCRCs would be in this category.

Is the AVP ASOP#3 Seal recognized by other CCRC financial professionals?

We plan to share the meaning and criteria for the AVP Seal with all interested parties by conducting several formal presentations and webinars during the next several months. The first such presentation is with our clients at UG2014 on July 16, 2014. Our intent is to make the AVP Seal synonymous with achieving and maintaining the best financial practices for CCRC management.