over 40 Years of Service


A.V. Powell & Associates conducts more than 150 comprehensive ASOP#3 actuarial studies each year. Our experience, which is the most extensive among actuarial consultants, provides us with sufficient data to develop comparative benchmarks for key actuarial, demographic, and operating statistics. Since 1999 we have generated quartiles for 26 key statistics with the source data based on results of our clients’ comprehensive actuarial studies. These benchmark comparisons are a unique component for our current year client reports that enables us to objectively rank their actuarial performance in perspective with their peers.

Demographic Statistics

  • Average Entry Age Female

  • Average Entry Age Male

  • Average Attained Age Female

  • Average Attained Age Male

  • Age-80 Life Expectancy Female
  • Age-80 Life Expectancy Male
  • Number of ALU Residents per 100 ILU Residents

  • Number of NUR Residents per 100 ILU Residents

  • Number of Health Care Residents per 100 ILU Residents


  • Funded Status

  • Unified Funded Status

  • Single New Entrant Pricing

  • Couple New Entrant Pricing

  • Typical New Entrant Pricing

  • 10-Year Reserve Increase Factor

  • Liquid Reserve Ratio

  • Actuarial Ratio

  • Actuarial Return on Fixed Assets


  • Average ILU Occupancy

  • Average ALU Occupancy

  • Average NUR Occupancy

  • Per Capita ILU Expense Per Day

  • Per Capita ALU Expense Per Day

  • Per Capita NUR Expense Per Day

  • Average Monthly Fee Increase

  • Average Entry Fee Increase