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Providing actuarial, financial, and planning services to managers of the continuum of care for senior populations.


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AVP benchmarking is the most trusted and respected in our


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Our actuaries, accountants, and health care consultants specialize in research and consulting for the CCRC and CCaH industries.


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Our specialized software
suite provides detailed
analysis and reporting for
your residents.


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Final 2022 benchmarking
statistics are available.



Hear what our clients are saying

"The team at AVP is fantastic. Year after year they deliver great service and are always available for questions or unique scenarios we may have to run by them, they are always willing to help. Their service is an asset to our organization."
"Carolina Meadows has worked with A.V. Powell & Associates for over fifteen years. We have called on them for help with actuarial analyses, annual opinions, as well as their FORCAST and FINAID proprietary actuarial software. The AVP team has an unrivaled reputation among my peers. AVP’s FINAID software has been a true game changer when it comes to approving prospective residents for financial qualification. It allows us to use resident financial information combined with projected fees, expenditures, income, and taxes to best determine a level of risk for each application. As our CFO, I am confident and proud to explain to peers, Board members, prospective residents, and current residents why we use and value A.V. Powell’s software and consulting expertise."

"We have a long relationship with A.V. Powell and Associates dating back to the opening of our community in 1985.  Actuarial expertise and responsive client support are their hallmarks.  They make the connections between actuarial science and finances understandable."